• MindCET Accelerator Program

    Accelerating Israelis' best EdTech Startups

  • What We Do

    The Accelerator program is about 4 months long, starting in September and ending in January, with a Demo Day. We expect founders to be working full time on their startups, and invite them to come work in one of our shared workspaces located in Ramat Aviv or Yerucham.


    We work with early stage entrepreneurs on the development of their companies. Specifically, we focus on these areas:


    Product-Market Fit

    What problem are you trying to solve? Who are your customers? We’ll help you nail the market fit and develop initial market traction with your target audience.

    Business Planning

    Our team will work with you on developing your business strategy and plan to execute. As well, we’ll help you prepare an investment plan, and set up the financial side of your organization.

    Industry business development

    We are deeply connected to the education industry and to the world’s best edtech investors. We’ll help you prepare to meet and attract your best business partners.


    We’ll connect you directly to the market, placing your product in pilot programs, and getting lots of user testing and feedback.

    Global Extensions

    While your initial product launch might be here in Israel, we’ll work with you to develop a strategy for your next steps, whether those are in the U.S., Asia or another market. We’ll connect you directly to those education systems and work with you to develop the relevant partnerships in your desired geography.

    Program Activities

    1:1 Mentoring sessions | Speaker Series | Product Sessions | Workshops (Google launchpad, whiteBoard etc.) | Community Events | Marathons | Product testing Sessions | Investor intros | Business development meetings

    Your relationship with the Accelerator will continue for 8 months (until our next cohort); teams can stay at the workspace and we’ll keep providing help with business development and investor intros. In addition, we host road shows for a select group of graduates in the U.S. and other locations.

    In return for this continued relationship, we hope the graduates will help grow Israel’s Edtech community by assisting and mentoring other companies in the ecosystem.

  • Portfolio

    MIndCET has completed 4 cohorts, each with 8-10 companies. Here are a few highlights from previous years:


    Fun game environment where students learn to code

    CodeMonkey is an online game that teaches kids computer programming – from fundamentals to the most advanced subjects. It has the double benefit of being really fun while still giving high educational value.


    virtual engine-powered tutor on the web

    Our product will enable university and college students to enter an exercise or a problem they have in calculus, statistics, finance and more –and then will prepare and display a solution for this specific-entered problem.


    Doing Math, Your Way!

    Using a unique algorithm MathodiX checks and gives feedback for every step of the student solution.
    Then, the teacher receive a detailed dashboard, showing the skills and the level of proficiency of each student.


    Create your own organizational app

    ConnecTeam offers companies the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to create their own organizational smartphone app. 


    Collaborative Quizzes

    Triventy is a collaborative game-based learning program. Teachers and students author and run interactive quizzes in class, utilizing smartphones as interactive response devices.


    Discover The Wild

    CNature allows users to identify plants and animals by simply snapping a photo. Whether you are taking a picture while hiking in the wild, relaxing in your backyard, or walking in the city, you will get a quick and reliable answer from CNature’s technology.

  • Is this Program Right for You?

    Acceptance Criteria:

    Stage: Pre seed or seed

    Definition of Edtech: involved in learning & technology

    Product stage: MVP

    At least one full time team member

    While there is no monetary fee for the accelerator program, MindCET takes a 2.5% stake in the company. As well, some firms receive additional investment from CET, usually about $30,000.

  • Applications due until July 25, 2016​

    The applications for the accelerator program 2016 are closed.